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Federal Resources

Agency Guidance

Many Federal agencies have created materials that may be useful to other organizations, as they develop their telework programs.  If you are aware of a Federal resource that could be added to this list, you can contact OPM at:

Managing Telework

For more information on managing telework, visit the Telework Managers and Guidance sections.

Information Technology & Security

For more information on IT & Security, visit the Security & IT Guidance.

Records Management

Emergency Telework

  • Federal Continuity Directive 1 (DHS): Requirements for incorporating telework into an agency’s continuity plans are found in Annex G of FCD 1.
  • Washington, DC, Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures (OPM):  These procedures apply to situations that prevent significant numbers of Federal employees who work inside the Washington Capital Beltway from reporting to the office on time or remaining at the office for the full workday and for situations which require
    Federal offices to close, including emergencies, severe weather conditions, natural disasters, and other incidents causing disruptions of Government operations. For continuity of operations, it is important for certain Federal Government operations to continue to function, even when offices are closed.
  • Department and Agencies Telework Player Handbook Template (FEMA) 

    This template is set up to provide an example of an exercise player handbook for use when conducting a telework exercise. 

For more information on Emergency Telework, visit the Emergency Telework Guidance.

Reasonable Accommodations

For more information on Reasonable Accommodations, visit the Reasonable Accommodations Guidance.

Mail Management

Federal Management Regulation Part 102-192—Mail Management (GSA): This regulation requires agencies to have a security policy for employees receiving incoming mail and sending outgoing mail at an alternative worksite such as a Government-owned or leased alternative site, telework center, or employee residence.


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