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Telework Guidance

Mail Management

Federal Management Regulation Part 102-192.70 requires agencies to have a security policy for employees receiving incoming mail and sending outgoing mail at an alternative worksite such as a Government-owned or leased alternative site, telework center, or employee residence. 

The General Services Administration (GSA) recommends all incoming mail must be screened at a federal facility before sending to employees at alternative worksites. The security policy should be coordinated with the Physical Security Officer and address threats from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear materials, and explosive devices or materials.

It is the agency’s responsibility to develop the plan on receiving mail, packages, and accountable mail. Agencies should consider the following:

  • Develop a plan for how the employee will receive official mail, (i.e., USPS, FedEx, UPS, other service provider (s).
  • Develop an accountable tracking system for sending mail from the alternative worksite.
  • Develop what mail security steps the employee must implement for receiving, sending and storing official mail.
  • Develop policies on resending mail from the agency to the employee including whether the agency is willing to spend the additional funds.

Visit GSA's website on the Federal Management Regulation Part 102-192—Mail Management for more information.