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Telework Employees


A good telework arrangement starts with a good self-assessment.  Employees are encouraged to consider the following factors in making an honest determination about their telework capabilities.  Record any concerns you may have and how you will address them in order to telework.


  • Do you have sufficient portable work for the amount of telework proposed?
  • Are you comfortable working alone for the amount of days you have requested to telework?  Will you miss the social interaction?
  • Will your teleworking affect your coworkers?  Do they need you in the office to complete work?  Will they be doing extra work because you are teleworking?
  • Are you willing to be flexible about the telework arrangement to respond to the needs of the manager, the workgroup, and the work?


  • Do you have the ability to do work with minimal direct supervision?
  • Do you have organized work practices?
  • Do you have good planning skills?
  • Do you have effective time management skills?  Are you able to meet schedules and deadlines?


  • Do you feel comfortable with the technologies, if any, that will be needed to telework?
  • Are you willing to learn any new technologies required to telework?


  • Do you have the ability to ensure good communication with your manager, co-workers, and customers?
  • Will you return emails, calls, and other messages in a timely manner?

Appropriate Space

  • Is the telework office space conducive to getting your work done?
  • Is the telework office space safe?
  • Are dependent care (i.e., child care, elder care, or care of any other dependent adults) arrangements in place?
  • Will you be distracted in the telework office space (e.g., by children, friends, television, or other responsibilities)?