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Agency Telework Coordinators

Whether you want to telework, are currently teleworking and have questions, or are managing teleworkers, your best resource is your agency telework coordinator, who answers to the agency's Telework Managing Officer (TMO)

Federal Executive Branch agencies are responsible for their own telework policies, procedures, and strategies. All agencies have designated telework coordinators that deal with day-to-day operational issues related to telework, and receive guidance and support from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Many agencies designate telework coordinators at the sub-agency levels as well. Furthermore, the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-292) required each Federal executive branch agency to designate a Telework Managing Officer (TMO). The TMO is a senior-level official at each agency who is devoted to policy development and implementation related to an agency's telework program. The TMO serves as an advisor for agency leadership, a resource for managers and employees, and is the agency's primary point of contact for OPM on telework matters. Agency TMOs presently work closely with their agency telework coordinators to fulfill the operational, day-to-day aspects of the telework program.

If you are unable to locate a coordinator for the relevant agency or you can’t make contact with someone on the list, please email for further assistance.

Agency telework coordinators can also use this list to network across agencies to share best practices and lessons learned. All telework coordinators on the list are automatically subscribed to a GSA email list and receive updates and information from GSA about topics of interest in Federal telework.